Selector: Alert to Event Correlation


Don’t wait for your customers to report your network is down. See how you can take a proactive approach with AIOps network monitoring from Selector.

Video length: 01:20


Narrator:  Doesn’t it make you crazy when the most reliable monitoring system you have is your customer? Everyone has had that call, and no one wants it ever again, especially your customer.

For you, it’s way too late to look proactive and on the ball. For your customer, their only hope now is that you are competent enough to quickly solve their problem. Everyone is in a bad place.

That’s why we built Selector Analytics.

Look here. There’s a problem brewing. Some of you might have seen it. But more importantly, the Selector Analytics machine learning algorithm already identified it. 

Built-in automation has alerted the right people, and our correlation analysis has uncovered the source of the problem just that fast. 

Emma in support is now calling to advise the customer proactively, and John in engineering is um … backing out his config change that broke the network. Oops!

How do we do it? Well, if you like fixing problems before they become tickets, proactively contact Selector today, and we’ll happily explain how the magic happens.


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