Detect abnormal system behavior

Real-time anomaly detection provides valuable insights so you can take immediate action.

Isolating issues or waiting for a ticket isn’t enough. Comprehensive anomaly detection powered by machine learning delivers proactive identification of system problems. So, you can drill down to their root causes before they become incidents or outages.

Track what’s normal and respond to what’s not

Spot issues in real time with smart dashboards that focus your attention on the real issues affecting your systems.
Get the information you need to track down the real problem affecting your system so you can fix it.
Act faster with relevant data and contextual alerts delivered how (and where) you want them.

Monitor your way

Establish a baseline and set alerts for unexpected changes or performance regressions.
Detect behavior changes from the network all the way up to your applications – you’ll see anomalies in metrics, logs, and events.
Account for seasonality and/or time-based historical analysis.
Use ChatOps to conversationally query the health of your systems, and smart dashboards to visually identify problems.

Prevent customer-impacting issues

Find and solve problems before your customers notice them.
Upgrade infrastructure and applications with confidence that regressions will be spotted quickly.
Cut down on ticket generation.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

Anomaly Detection: An Expert View

Networking industry leader Javier Antich highlights the efficiency benefits of anomaly detection in a recent blog.

All Platform Features

Anomaly Detection

Uncover underlying issues sooner with machine learning insight.

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Event Correlation

Identify related issues across multiple data sets to get to root cause.

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Smart Alerting

Cut through alert fatigue with automatic event prioritization.

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Selector Copilot

Leverage your collaboration tools to access analytics.

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Log Analytics

Consolidate and analyze all log data for greater insight.

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Integrate easily with your preferred or legacy tools.

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