Selector Analytics at a glance

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Selector Analytics managed service performs three essential functions to provide actionable insights to network, cloud, and application operators:

  • Collect


    Selector Analytics ingests data from multiple data sources in various formats.

  • Correlate


    Selector’s managed service uses machine learning-based data analytics to conduct automated anomaly detection and compare metrics and events.

  • Collaborate


    Selector Analytics works across boundaries to deliver instant, actionable insights on collaborative platforms using natural language queries (NLQ).

Get the Competitive Edge you need With Selector’s Zero-Touch AIOps Network Monitoring Managed Service

From delivering cost savings to reducing MTTR, Selector Analytics can transform the performance of your network — and your business.

  • Reduce MTTR by up to 90% by gaining real-time instant access to actionable root causes.
  • Lower anomaly detection and recovery times through the correlation of any data type.
  • Reduce operational costs by automating Tier-1 Support and eliminating legacy tools.
  • Eliminate the complexity and silos of traditional, single-domain monitoring systems.

Transforming Network Performance Across Every Industry, Anytime, Anywhere

Selector Analytics helps today’s enterprises improve network performance, reduce costs, and simplify operations.

  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

    Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

  • Sports and Gaming

    Sports and Gaming

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

    Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Retail


  • Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

    Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

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