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Accelerate problem resolution with Smart Alerting

Harness cutting-edge ML to analyze your telemetry, identify anomalies and robustly detect unexpected performance issues.
Leverage causal ML to identify probable root-cause, enabling your team to fix issues faster.
Correlate metrics, logs, and events to suppress duplicative alerts by up to 75:1.
Connect the dots across your telemetry, creating a narrative that describes when, how, and what happened when abnormal conditions hit.

Modernize Ops with Selector Copilot

Utilize GenAI to uncover issues and surface insights through Slack, Teams, and other ChatOps platforms.
Summarize incidents and get to root cause, enabling everyone on the team to participate.
Leverage the full power of the Selector platform, without learning a domain specific language.
Enable in-depth, proactive insights on the go, from any device.

Improve productivity and lower MTTR

AI-powered event correlation finds contextual and temporal relationships across your telemetry, aggregating events into actionable insights.
Collect and correlate anomalies across metrics, logs, and events to better inform your team of emerging incidents.
Guide and prioritize the response of your operations teams based on the real-time analysis of your telemetry.
Detect incidents sooner, fast-track resolution, and minimize overall customer-facing impact.

Selector Outcomes

Learn how Selector delivers demonstrable economic and operational impact.


Reduction in ticket volume


Reduction in mean time to detect


Return on investment

Trusted by NetOps, ITOps, and SRE teams worldwide

Our goal is to keep service up – always. With Selector Analytics, we are constantly monitoring availability and performance. If an abnormal condition arises, we take immediate action.

Ammar Musheer
Sr. Manager of Video Network & Infrastructure

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

John Neiberger
Principal Engineer

Before Selector Analytics, we lacked the end-to-end visibility needed to see what was happening across our applications, infrastructure, and network. Now we have a consolidated view of all critical data sources allowing us to proactively detect and resolve issues faster to keep our services running and our customers happy.

David Iannone
VP of IT Operations

A Maturity Model for Network AIOps

In this comprehensive guide, discover how enterprises can evolve their IT operations by leveraging AI to dramatically augment operations staff’s analytical and decision-making abilities.

Selector Outperforms Market, Explodes in Growth with Marquee Customer Wins

In 2023, Selector doubled the number of customers, achieved over 200% growth in ARR, and reached an all-time annual sales record. Read up on the year’s highlights, product enhancements, and recognitions.

Selector is proud to announce inclusion in The Futuriom 50 | Top Cloud Trends & Private Companies 2024 report. Learn about the top insights from this report and what the recognition means for Selector.

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