See what true full-stack observability looks like.

Selector’s infrastructure and cloud observability empowers organizations with unparalleled insights from the network up to the application, and everything in between.

Whether you’re on-premises, cloud, or hybrid, you want to know what your equipment is doing and why. Our infrastructure and cloud observability solution goes beyond the golden signals to analyze every metric on every device and deliver the information you need to assess, triage, and remediate any server issue.

Go beyond basic monitoring

Gain greater insight than latency, traffic, errors, and saturation with “deeper dive” correlated metrics such as tags, temperature, and connectivity.
Leverage all logs to get the bigger picture of your full stack in real time, as an event occurs.
Easily build a “mental model” of what happened, how, and why with full visibility and comprehensive reporting on every device.
Get more than raw data with correlated, contextual information you can actually act on.

Shorten time to remediation

Cut through the noise with a contextual narrative that tells you not only what’s wrong, but the likely culprit.
Shorten MTTD, MTTI, and MTTR.
Use machine-learning-powered insight to go from root cause to remediation faster and more efficiently.

Power your proactivity

Easily see context and connections between events across your entire infrastructure or cloud.
Automatically predict capacity needs and device failure based on hundreds of correlated metrics.
Get automated, consolidated notices you can act on before any customer-facing impact.
Access all generated data from all devices with impartial 3rd party observability.

Our priority at NBC Sports is delivering uninterrupted coverage as we broadcast live action from sporting events across the globe. In order to serve our viewers, we have to rapidly build entire new networks no matter where in the world the events are taking place. Over the last two years, Selector Analytics has provided valuable insights on configuration changes and network analytics.

Harry Ryan
Senior Director of Network Technologies, NBC Sports

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