Detect and triage network routing issues in real time

Leverage Selector’s routing solution to rapidly detect, identify, and diagnose routing-related network issues. Seamlessly troubleshoot with a comprehensive network-wide perspective or drill down to device-level analytics to enhance overall network health, efficiency, and performance.

Routing plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless network connectivity. As networks have evolved, so has the complexity of routing infrastructure – necessitating solutions to help detect and troubleshoot routing issues in real time. Leveraging routing telemetry such as BGP/BMP and MRT, Selector surfaces the probable root cause of emerging issues, enabling operators at every level to rapidly triage routing issues before they impact users.

Visualize and explore your network routing telemetry

Use comprehensive dashboards, reports, and analytics to understand the internal and external routing health of your network.
Gain insight with easy-to-digest, configurable views for peer status, events, and routing table sizes.
Observe changes in prefix reachability and major route withdrawals for a given ASN to better understand the reason for traffic shifts across the network.
Search and find critical events such as Prefix Withdrawals, AS-Path announcements, Next-Hop Updates, and BGP Community changes.

Enhance network health, efficiency, and performance

Troubleshoot with a network-wide perspective or drill down to focus on the devices and events that matter most to remediate the issue faster.
Catch misconfigurations that lead to routing issues, such as routing oscillation, BGP peer flaps, next-hop reachability, and more.
Proactively alert on service-impacting routing events to slash response time and avoid end-user impact.
Report on route hijacking, prefix changes, route flapping, and more.

Improve performance and efficiency

Reduce guesswork with dynamic thresholds, intelligent contextual alerts, and custom alert escalations.
Proactively baseline and detect service-impacting issues such as excessively large RIB changes or unexpected BGP event volume.
Connect the dots faster with event correlation, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis.
Discover and map relationships between critical infrastructure resources and their dependencies.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

John Neiberger
Principal Engineer

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