Cut through the noise with smart alerting

Smart alerting reduces noisy duplicative alerting by up to 1000X, enabling your team to alleviate the load on your team, accelerate triage, and reduce MTTR.

Alerts become meaningless when you get so many that you can’t read them. Selector’s proprietary machine learning de-duplicates alerting data, ensuring only actionable, relevant alerts are sent your way. With fewer alerts, your team can jump right into troubleshooting rather than manually digging through dozens or hundreds of alerts.

Get alerts that matter

Correlate alerts into overarching events to suppress duplicate alerts and non-actionable events  by up to 1000x.
Connect the dots across heterogeneous data, creating a narrative that describes when, how, and what happened when abnormal conditions hit.
Identify probable root-cause with greater context, so you can fix issues faster.

Tackle alert fatigue

Reduce multiple alerts for the same event, and alerts for non-actionable events.
Group clusters of related alerts to reduce the overall number notifications you receive and enable quicker response.
Allow operations to focus on solving priority issues instead of digging through the stream of alerts that typically occur during a major incident.
Leverage automations to generate tickets or suggest remediations based on the type of alert.

Make alerts more meaningful

Save time with automated alerting powered by dynamic thresholding in metrics, logs, and events.
Eliminate the need to manually set, manage, and tweak individual rules based when software, hardware, or workload changes.
Send fewer alerts with more context – when, where and how things have gone sideways – so responders can focus on priority issues and system health.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

Anomaly Detection: An Expert View

Networking industry leader Javier Antich highlights the efficiency benefits of anomaly detection in a recent blog.

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Anomaly Detection

Uncover underlying issues sooner with machine learning insight.

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Event Correlation

Identify related issues across multiple data sets to get to root cause.

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Smart Alerting

Cut through alert fatigue with automatic event prioritization.

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Selector Copilot

Leverage your collaboration tools to access analytics.

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Log Analytics

Consolidate and analyze all log data for greater insight.

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Integrate easily with your preferred or legacy tools.

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