Unlock true full-stack observability with app insights

From your network to your apps and everything in between, Selector’s application solution delivers transparency, insight, and unmatched data contextualization.

Why are your apps slow? What’s slowing them down? And how can you fix it? When deploying apps across the enterprise, you’re constantly bouncing between management, monitoring, observability, and remediation – without a holistic view. Selector’s application solution collects and analyzes all your generated data to give you the big picture, and true full-stack observability to inform smarter decision making.

Troubleshoot from end to end

Achieve automated, comprehensive visibility into all software systems and applications across various layers and technologies, through machine-learning-powered monitoring, observability, anomaly detection, and root-cause analysis.
Set up automatic alerts and triggers based on predefined thresholds, so teams can detect and address potential problems before they lead to downtime or performance degradation.
Establish a baseline to recognize trends, and see precise deviations from baseline in real time.
Monitor the performance of your system as you scale, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and potential bottlenecks are detected early.

Manage mountains of data

Make sense of generated data with automatic collection, analysis, tagging, and correlation from the front end to the back end – including databases, networks, and cloud services.
Use informed insight to optimize applications for better speed, responsiveness, capacity planning, and resource utilization.
Eliminate data silos and work across teams with a common set of tools and data, for more efficient problem-solving.

Maintain uptime and customer satisfaction

Quickly identify bottlenecks, errors, or anomalies and resolve them promptly, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction and confidence.
Promote collaboration by offering a shared platform for monitoring and troubleshooting.
Meet or exceed service delivery expectations and SLAs.
Easily scale regardless of resource demands, growing user base, or increased system complexity.

Our priority at NBC Sports is delivering uninterrupted coverage as we broadcast live action from sporting events across the globe. In order to serve our viewers, we have to rapidly build entire new networks no matter where in the world the events are taking place. Over the last two years, Selector Analytics has provided valuable insights on configuration changes and network analytics.

Harry Ryan
Senior Director of Network Technologies, NBC Sports

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