Experience next-generation network performance monitoring

Selector’s multi-vendor Network Performance Monitoring solution removes the guesswork from daily operations challenges, while adapting to the needs of the world’s largest networks.

Legacy monitoring tools do their jobs a little too well, providing exhaustive device health data that can overwhelm users. Selector’s next-generation Network Performance Monitoring solution provides comprehensive visibility, by automatically collecting and analyzing network performance data, and surfacing actionable insights that help direct your team towards incident root cause.

Leverage all your data for more comprehensive insights

Connect the dots across your metrics, logs and events to monitor any component from any vendor across your network at unlimited scale.
Take advantage of powerful integrations with technology partners like SevOne, SolarWinds, LogicMonitor and more.
Handle SNMP v1/v2c/v3, SNMP Traps, gRPC/gNMI-based streaming telemetry, Netflow, BGP and many others.
Rapidly isolate abnormal network conditions, ranking incident severity so operations teams can focus triage efforts for rapid resolution.
Initiate remediation directly with integrated playbooks to address common issues with minimal effort.

Dramatically reduce MTTI, MTTD, and MTTR

Pull data from every possible corner of your infrastructure with novel integration, and surface insights from data sources in ways you didn’t know were possible.
Support automated anomaly detection, outlier detection, and probable root cause with Machine Learning-based data analytics.
Drill down from a high-level view of network health, down into the cause of the current problem.
See routing issues, latency issues, connection churn, and more – even in a multi-vendor environment.

Reduce alert fatigue with smart alerting

Leverage auto-baselining that learns what is normal within your environment, accounting for both cyclicity and seasonality.
Automatically configure alerting rules to identify  anomalies that deviate from what is normal for you.
See multiple violations correlated and grouped together into a single incident, reducing alerting volume by up to 1000 : 1.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

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