Understand your SD-WAN like never before

Selector’s SD-WAN solution enables enterprise organizations to move beyond the limitations of vendor-specific point solutions, providing comprehensive visibility into overlay and underlay networks.

SD-WAN revolutionized edge-routing and network connectivity for the modern enterprise. Unfortunately, most offerings fail to point operators to how and where things went wrong — let alone suggest how best to fix an issue.

Selector’s SD-WAN solution enables you to move beyond simple loss/latency/jitter-based health assessment. Leveraging comprehensive network observability, we help operators isolate issues to the underlay and overlay networks, correlate and detect problems from the tunnels up to the application, and otherwise detect performance issues and relate them to end-user impact.

Get meaningful insight about your SD-WAN

Leverage real-time monitoring that provides a single, holistic, user-friendly view of your SD-WAN, end-to-end, regardless of the complexity of the supporting infrastructure.
Collect, filter, and correlate telemetry from your entire network – taking advantage of your SD-WAN’s API, dashboards, and other integrated tools.
Enable deeper insights through actionable telemetry such as server response times, mean opinion score, packet retransmissions, and any other metrics from the SD-WAN infrastructure.
Determine top talkers on the network and their locations.

Quickly assess network health with contextual visualizations

Get a holistic, user-friendly view of operations, regardless of how many different underlying systems are collecting data from the network.
Leverage visualizations to dig into traffic, alerts, and availability. Drill down for easy access to key KPIs, allowing you to quickly assess and troubleshoot the health of connected servers, switches, routers, and other edge devices.
Gain insight into (and tackle) overall capacity and utilization issues.
Automatically provide customer-specific views and contextual visualizations to fast-track resolution of customer-facing issues.

Improve efficiency and response time

Cut down on triage and guesswork to quickly troubleshoot end-customer issues.
Empower continuous optimization of key network performance KPIs such as latency, packet loss, tunnel jitter, and more.
See instant alerts for resource issues, hardware failures, or environmental problems.
Increase agility and flexibility while freeing up resources for more critical day-to-day tasks.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

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