Selector: On-demand Dashboarding


Having trouble finding the information you need across too many dashboards. Selector gives you a whole new approach to this age-old problem by using natural language processing.

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Narrator:  Everybody loves a good dashboard, or do they? 

This dashboard, that dashboard, and all these other dashboards. Riddle me this: how do you know when you’ve got too many dashboards? 

Well, it’s when your dashboards start to have their own dashboards. The whole idea of a dashboard is to make it easier to find the relevant information. But now you’ve got so many, you’re actually right back to where you started from, looking for that needle in a haystack.

At Selector AI, we’ve got a whole new approach to your old dashboard problem. It starts with natural language processing. 

You get the exact dashboard you need by simply asking for the information you’re looking for. You can get a customized on-demand dashboard right back in a variety of formats: honeycomb, sunburst, or even map views. 

These aren’t just any custom on-demand dashboards. No way. They not only show you the data visually so that you can hone in on where the problem is, but if you click on the easy-to-spot problem area, you can drill into another set of custom on-demand data visualizations to show you exactly what’s happening.

In the end, dashboards aren’t supposed to be dazzling. They’re supposed to help you be dazzling.

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