Unlock the hidden insights in your logs

Selector’s Log Analytics collects and analyzes log data in real-time, highlighting information that matters most while also connecting the dots with your metrics and events.

Most logs are made for human consumption, making reading and prioritizing difficult tasks to automate. Selector AI’s Log Analytics filters and clusters log data, detects anomalies and surfaces actionable insights – with no manual effort.

Slash incident remediation time with Selector’s log miner

Automatically extract the context of each log entry, allowing real-time filtering and clustering of your logs.
Connect the dots during an incident by bringing together related metrics and events into one platform.
Minimize the disruption of firmware or software upgrades with flexible machine learning that adapts to changes within log format.

Bring order to chaos

See organized insight instead of disparate logs.
Find commonalities between logs as they’re generated, through machine learning.
Get automatically clustered, contextual event alerts based on all available data points.

Configure it your way

Set up custom relevant entities, labels and tags so users are only alerted when your criteria are met.
Extract specific data from logs based on key phrases, lines, or text.
Configure and prioritize event types with greater context to make further processing and assessment easier.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

Anomaly Detection: An Expert View

Networking industry leader Javier Antich highlights the efficiency benefits of anomaly detection in a recent blog.

All Platform Features

Anomaly Detection

Uncover underlying issues sooner with machine learning insight.

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Event Correlation

Identify related issues across multiple data sets to get to root cause.

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Smart Alerting

Cut through alert fatigue with automatic event prioritization.

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Selector Copilot

Leverage your collaboration tools to access analytics.

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Log Analytics

Consolidate and analyze all log data for greater insight.

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Integrate easily with your preferred or legacy tools.

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