Remediate Issues Faster with Generative AI

Leverage a conversational interface to generate meaningful incident summaries, assist troubleshooting, and automate remediation.

Selector Copilot streamlines the investigation and remediation of incidents. Through the integration of LLMs and GenAI-driven natural language querying, Copilot provides summaries, recommendations, and automated remediations to help teams collaborate better and address incidents faster.

Investigate and address incidents faster

Diagnose incidents and determine scope with Copilot and your peers.
Surface key data quickly through conversational interrogation of your telemetry.
Coordinate incident response and suggested remediation to streamline your response.
Prevent further issues through a deeper understanding of root cause

Collaborate seamlessly

Coordinate more efficient remediation anywhere, anytime.
Improve collaboration across multi-domain teams.
Enable in-depth, proactive insight on the go, on any device.
Integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEX and more.

Avoid context switching and focus on the problem

Reduce back-and-forth and cutting-and-pasting with fully integrated access to Selector through Copilot.
Use large language model technology in-platform with directly-integrated conversational AI, so users don’t have to know commands to request information.
Investigate and quickly respond to incidents directly through your chosen collaboration platform.

Our priority at NBC Sports is delivering uninterrupted coverage as we broadcast live action from sporting events across the globe. In order to serve our viewers, we have to rapidly build entire new networks no matter where in the world the events are taking place. Over the last two years, Selector Analytics has provided valuable insights on configuration changes and network analytics.

Harry Ryan
Senior Director of Network Technologies, NBC Sports

Anomaly Detection: An Expert View

Networking industry leader Javier Antich highlights the efficiency benefits of anomaly detection in a recent blog.

All Platform Features

Anomaly Detection

Uncover underlying issues sooner with machine learning insight.

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Event Correlation

Identify related issues across multiple data sets to get to root cause.

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Smart Alerting

Cut through alert fatigue with automatic event prioritization.

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Selector Copilot

Leverage your collaboration tools to access analytics.

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Log Analytics

Consolidate and analyze all log data for greater insight.

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Integrate easily with your preferred or legacy tools.

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