Deploy and manage Kubernetes with ease

Selector’s container solution quickly correlates and analyzes all metrics, logs, events and configuration changes to provide superior insights for Kubernetes.

One of the biggest tradeoffs for Kubernetes efficiency is managing the massive amount of data it generates. Your containers and apps are serving up more information than your team can keep up with, much less transform into meaningful insight. Powered by machine learning, Selector takes it all off your hands by automating, analyzing, and delivering real-time observability into your Kubernetes environment.

Unlock the power of valuable data

Take control of the unstoppable torrent of telemetry coming from your containers and apps.
Automatically collect, analyze, tag, and correlate data across every containerized application throughout your network.
Eliminate blind spots with automated full-stack monitoring, observability, anomaly detection, and root-cause analysis, all powered by machine learning.

Get the direction you need

Add a layer of actionable, user-friendly visualization to logs, traces, and all generated metrics.
Gain unmatched observability and insight to help more effectively manage container deployment, utilization, workload and events across your entire distributed environment, at scale.
Drive better decision-making with organized, relevant, real-time analysis of your Kubernetes environment.

Make the most of your resources

Improve security and confidence (and stop chasing false positives) with automated anomaly detection.
Proactively identify and resolve issues to better ensure performance, cluster stability and persistent data maintenance.
Streamline log management and analysis to help your team maintain healthy workloads across your network.

Absolutely fantastic company. Their approach to intelligent network monitoring and analytics is unique and refreshing.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. I honestly get excited by weekly catch-up calls because of the possibilities

Andrew Neiberger
Principal Engineer

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