Transform Your Network Operations with Selector Analytics

Selector Analytics is one of the industry’s most innovative and advanced AIOps analytics solutions. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Selector Analytics provides instant, actionable insights into network issues, simplifies network management and reduces MTTR.

Selector Analytics eliminates IT noise and data silos across teams allowing for faster remediation of network issues.

From Reactive to Proactive

With faster problem identification, enhanced collaboration, and automated responses, Selector Analytics will change the way you view network operations.

Network Health

Selector Analytics consolidates data from multiple streams and tools into a single snapshot that provides a simple, rapid view of overall network health.

Correlating multiple data sources through Selector’s ranking algorithm eliminates noise to provide richer, actionable insights that reduce mean time to detect (MTTD).

While legacy collaboration tools only receive alerts, Selector Analytics can execute natural language queries, receive anomaly-specific insights, and share those insights with your team.

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Configuration Compliance

As companies embrace network automation, configuration changes will occur more frequently, challenging operations teams to understand what changes were made and by whom.

Selector’s Configuration Compliance solution provides an audit trail of configuration changes that can be displayed in a timeline and correlated with anomalies, dramatically reducing the time to identify when a configuration change caused an operations anomaly.

The solution includes a powerful search capability that enables operations teams to search which devices have a specific configuration option.

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Synthetic Analytics

Selector Analytics embedded network agents conduct ongoing testing to help determine if response time issues are network or application related.

Selector Analytics embeds network agents throughout the network that communicate with each other to test for latency, jitter, packet loss, and hop changes. Capturing this information helps identify potential issues in the network and pinpoint their location. Selector’s analytics solution can also use customer or other third party agents.

Selector Analytics network agents can run on devices, virtual machines, and in containers, placing them in close proximity to applications.

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Transforming Network Performance Across Every Industry

Selector Analytics helps industry leaders improve network performance, reduce costs, and simplify operations.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

CSPs face a massive increase in traffic due to the increased consumption of video, IoT, and other digital services. Selector helps CSPs meet their high availability targets and customer SLAs while lowering operational costs and reducing the complexity of network management and issue resolution.

Sports and Gaming

Users of cloud gaming, online sports broadcasting and betting platforms all demand extremely low latency. Selector Analytics’ network health monitoring and fast problem identification can help providers maintain optimum network performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Many financial institutions have network performance KPI targets they must meet for regulatory purposes. Downtime costs are extremely high for banks and brokerages processing high volumes of complex transactions. Selector Analytics’ ability to operate in complex, heterogeneous environments provides these institutions with a scalable, high-performance AIOps analytics solution.


Retailers require high network availability, particularly as more transactions move online. They need an AIOps analytics solution that works seamlessly on premise-based or hybrid networks. Selector Analytics helps address these requirements and can also reduce operational expenses for cost-conscious retailers.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) help content providers reach internet service providers and connect networks together. They provide high-bandwidth, low-latency access, and operators rely on Selector Analytics to monitor network performance, quickly identify issues, and reduce MTTR.

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