Selector Solutions

Our solutions are built to save you time and effort by transforming the data you generate into the insight you need – through machine learning-powered correlation, context, and analysis.

Network Observability Solutions

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data your network produces. Selector’s network observability solutions cut through the clutter to provide the insight and context you need to triage and remediate events before they become issues.

Network Performance Monitoring

Cut through superfluous, noisy data to see a contextual, hierarchical view of device telemetry that’s easier to digest – and respond to.

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Network Connectivity

Continuously measure and monitor the availability, response time and functionality of your network, so you can quickly diagnose and remediate connectivity issues.

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Rapidly detect, identify, and diagnose routing-related network issues, while seamlessly troubleshooting to enhance overall network health, efficiency, and performance.

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Content Delivery

Analyze the torrent of telemetry to detect and correlate anomalies at the origin or the edge, giving you instant, actionable insight to fix issues and improve your users’ experience.

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Move beyond the limitations of vendor-specific point solutions, providing comprehensive visibility into overlay and underlay networks.

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Leverage proprietary machine learning to detect anomalies, correlate behavior, identify outliers, and surface meaningful insights.

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Full-Stack Observability Solutions

Don’t waste time playing detective. Selector offers true full-stack visibility to provide the information and context you need to effectively observe, diagnose, and remediate all issues.

Infrastructure and Cloud

Go beyond the golden signals to analyze every metric on every device, and deliver the information you need to assess, triage, and remediate any server issue.

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Quickly correlate and analyze metrics, logs, events and configuration changes to gain superior insights for Kubernetes.

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Collect, correlate, and analyze all your app-generated data to gain true full-stack observability, and inform smarter decision making.

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