Shine a light on optical transceiver health and performance

Selector’s optics solution uses proprietary machine learning to detect anomalies, correlate behavior, and identify outliers. Surface meaningful insights into the performance and function of your optical equipment in ways that are not possible with other tools and platforms.

The adoption of optical networking has exploded in recent years, fueled by the demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. However, new operational challenges arise when adopting these technologies, most notably the ability to properly monitor, manage, and maintain the optical transceivers.

Selector’s optics solution simplifies these activities by collecting and analyzing the relevant optical telemetry to surface insights related to performance, anomalies, compliance issues, current state, device mix, and inventory, and can even proactively identify pending equipment failure, and bad batches of equipment.

Demystify your optical transceiver health

Pull and analyze real-time and historical data based on Digital Optic Metrics (DOM), optical transceiver vendor, optic type, part number, device vendor, location, and more.
Automatically contextualize data collected and enable algorithms to detect anomalies and misbehaviors that may be leading indicators for failures.
Improve network MTBF by reducing the footprint of transceivers that have lower quality and preventing failures.
Facilitate better negotiations with transceiver vendors based on data, especially where optical transceivers have significantly contributed to network costs.

Improve service and satisfaction

Minimize truck rolls and enable coordinated and proactive maintenance of your installed base.
Proactively identify quality degradation issues before they become user-facing.
Free up resources to focus on core competencies.

Focus on core business competencies

Use contextual information to increase process efficiency and empower more informed decision-making.
Reduce the need for physical access to equipment located in remote or difficult-to-reach locations.
Provide meaningful insight and impact to network operations, engineers, planners, and procurement teams.

Our priority at NBC Sports is delivering uninterrupted coverage as we broadcast live action from sporting events across the globe. In order to serve our viewers, we have to rapidly build entire new networks no matter where in the world the events are taking place. Over the last two years, Selector Analytics has provided valuable insights on configuration changes and network analytics.

Harry Ryan
Senior Director of Network Technologies, NBC Sports

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