Selector: A Day in the Life of Operations


Having trouble sorting through your telemetry data sources to troubleshoot the problem? See how Selector uses AI to help you hone in on the critical data, taking any bad day to a great day.

Video length: 2:01


Narrator: We’ve all been there. It’s going to be a bad day. How many screens or systems will you access to troubleshoot today’s problem? One for utilization data, one for synthetic testing, yet another to find log data, and finally one for application data? I forgot one for config changes, too. 

Sound familiar?

Who has the time or energy to waste stitching together all these pieces of scattered information when your day is just getting worse and worse by the minute?

Well, the answer is nobody. And with Selector AI’s machine learning powered platform, all the relevant data and visual analysis you need to solve today’s problems are now actionable insights in plain view. And this is cool: Selector AI thinks like you do. You want the answer, right? So just ask. Config changes in the last 10 minutes? Or maybe top 10 memory violators.

You’ll discover Selector AI seamlessly analyzes critical information across all of your sources of telemetry data, correlating data, and ranking results with sophisticated—I really mean awesome—machine learning algorithms. Plus, you can leverage APIs for retrieving additional data, launching automation, or integrating with your workflow tools. 

All this equates to making what was going to be a bad day good again—fast—actually up to 10 times faster.

Getting curious? Here’s more. 

Selector AI can be cloud or premise-based—your choice. It integrates with Teams and Slack for immersive collaboration. And best of all, you can be up and running with minimal training, easy setup, and great support. 

Bad day? Huh.

Well, now that that’s over, take a few minutes today to learn how Selector AI can make your tomorrow a great day.

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