Selector AIOps: Configuration Observability


Configuration observability can be a constant challenge for IT infrastructure availability. Watch how Selector ingests data from various data sources and correlates across them to generate actionable insights.

Video length: 2:09


As networks grow in scale and complexity, managing and operating them becomes increasingly difficult. One area of IT infrastructure availability that remains consistently problematic is configuration observability. 

Operators and SRE team are looking for new approaches to configuration observability and analytics where automated tooling, insights, and agility replace antiquated manual processes.

Selector Configuration Observability can help. 

Selector can ingest data from any number of data sources and correlate across them to generate actionable insights.

NL query to summon config even timeline

Fully flexible dashboard widgets created on demand

Config events timeline 

Click to see the commit diff for a config event. 

Correlated insights across inventory, log store, and git 

Config deletions and config additions

Click to view commit diff GitLab.

GitOps workflow automatically captures config change.

Click to view device config.

Search and auto-scroll

Selector is constantly in sync with GitLab to reflect current device running config

Users can use natural language to query their device configs.

User experience: A search engine for device configs

Users can search across their entire fleet of device configs … for any item. 

For example, all devices with “neighbor” configured

Equally powerful is searching for the absence of something. For example, all devices that do not have “neighbor” configured.

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