Networking Field Day 30: What Selector Customers Love Best


In this clip from our Networking Field Day 30 presentation, Selector Co-founder and CTO Nitin Kumar shares what our customers love best about using Selector.

Video length: 2:49
Speaker: Nitin Kumar, Co-founder and CTO, Selector


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Networking Field Day 30 Selector AI
A Deep Dive into Selector AI
Nitin Kumar
January 20, 2023

Correlation is one key aspect where folks say, “whether you do it,” but there are other capabilities of our system as well, which to my surprise [our] customers love more. I used to think these problems are solved.

Single source of truth

The number one thing is Selector becomes a single source of truth. One of our customers uses the term “no more swivel chair.” [They say,] “I don’t have to go look from one dashboard to the other dashboard. I just look at one thing and you guys tell me everything. I don’t have to go to Splunk, I don’t have to go to metrics I don’t have to do any of that.” That’s the single source of truth.

Democratization of data access

Anybody can look at that data and do anything. They are able to make queries through Slack into their own data, which before Selector, they weren’t able to get access into their own data. Some data was trapped in the firewall, like the load balancer and stacks. All of that we made available through our system. 

SNMP and gNMI cloud native collectors

I do believe we are one of the first cloud-native SNMP collectors or gNMI collectors. I don’t know of any products out there … a lot of open source  … any product out there that gives you a Kubernetes-based SNMP or a gNMI collector. You have these products that are hardware-based, and you have a lot of open source. Open source is hard to operationalize. It’s good, but you cannot really deploy it at scale. We are one of the first SNMP and gNMI cloud native collectors. What I mean by cloud-native is Kubernetes-based.

Front-end to ServiceNow 

This is really interesting. If you can imagine, we have a customer who said that when an outage happens, “I’m more afraid of the ServiceNow bill than the actual damage caused by the outage.”

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