Interview with David Iannone from Tracfone


Get the inside scoop from Dave Iannone, VP of IT Operations at TracFone Wireless, on how Selector solves cross-domain network, infrastructure, and application issues. Hear why he says the sweet spot is in the action that Selector alerts create.

Video length: 01:48
Speaker: Dave Iannone


Dave Iannone: When I walked through the door at TracFone, my first day was spent on an outage. 


Everybody’s surrounding one person’s cubicle. I mean we had every flavor of operation support system you can have, but they really weren’t providing any return on the investment. TracFone is an MVNO [mobile virtual network operator]. They’re the largest prepaid cellular provider in the nation. They operate under 10 different brands. 

When they have an issue—whether it be starting from the network, the infrastructure, or the application layer—it eventually collapses, and our customers aren’t able to transact. So, the team itself all operated exceptionally well within their respective domains. 

Where they had challenges was in cross-domain. We didn’t have any kind of umbrella something that says, “If you know that system is happy, then our customers are happy overall.” 

The sweet spot is to make sure that the alert is causing an action versus just causing noise in the system. That’s where Selector is really adding a significant amount of value.

We started to see significant benefits and reduction of overall incidents, significantly more time and availability from our platforms, and obviously a better customer experience. 

How much do incidents cost? 10 and 12 billion dollars. Just the reduction in the MTTR [mean time to resolve] associated with Selector, you know, obviously decreased that significantly. Selector has definitely added a solid impact on the return on investment, and quite frankly I still only believe we’re scratching the surface.

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