Why metadata is fundamental to AIOps

Metadata is often referred to as data that describes other data. Whether it’s in the form of key-value pair labels or as tags, metadata is the context that the data requires. Without context, the data is meaningless. AIOps is the practice of using data and algorithms to facilitate network and IT infrastructure operations. In short, metadata is fundamental for any AIOps initiative to be successful.

In a siloed AIOps deployment, where every domain has its tool and dataset, the context is more well-defined, and you could argue that metadata plays a lower role. However, in multidomain AIOPs, learning the proper context for every data point is critical. In such situations, the context is more complex and dynamic. For instance, simply providing a CSV file with a static inventory is no longer sufficient or even an option.

Machine Learning (ML) plays a fundamental role in AIOps.  In most cases, the problem resides in connecting the right dots. If these dots aren’t properly connected, no ML algorithm can help. This is where the power of metadata comes in. Metadata makes connecting the dots in the right way, possible. When performed correctly, end-users could build more sophisticated techniques to deliver meaningful insights.

If we think of AIOps and observability as citizens, we could argue that the data is the first-class citizen and metadata the second-class citizen. The Selector Analytics platform does not differentiate between the two. Both data and metadata are first-class citizens because both have equal importance to achieve the desired outcomes. Metadata collection and processing is an integral part of the entire data pipeline, storage, and analytics processes.

Metadata is the data that contextualizes network telemetry, logs, events, flows, routes, alerts, configuration changes, etc. Without complete and holistic management of metadata, network and IT telemetry are simply raw data. In other words, they’re disconnected points.

AIOps has taken this approach to a new level by incorporating the latest developments in data management practices and putting them into practice. Selector’s platform takes a domain and data-centric approach. By seeing what’s happening in the world of data, we incorporate this knowledge into our AIOps solution. Simply put, Selector Analytics leverages all the latest techniques and principles of data management and applies these principles to network and IT operations. The result is a win-win situation that delivers unprecedented AIOps capabilities by combining the best of both worlds: network/IT and data.

In sum, metadata is as important as the data itself, and it starts with having the right data and the right context.

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