The ‘3 Cs’ of Selector’s AIOps Solution: Collect, Correlate, and Collaborate

Selector Analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct three essential functions and provide actionable insights to network, cloud, and application operators:

  • Collect

    Selector Analytics collects any data (including configurations, alerts, metrics, events, and logs), from various heterogeneous data sources. For instance, Selector Analytics may harvest data from router logs, device or network metrics, or device configurations.

  • Correlate

    Once collected, Selector Analytics normalizes, filters, clusters, and correlates metrics, events, and alarms using pre-built workflows to draw actionable insights. Selector Analytics then uses machine learning-based data analytics to compare metrics and events and conduct automated anomaly detection. If an anomaly is discovered, Selector’s AIOps solution issues an automatic alert and uses a ranking system to shortlist factors potentially responsible for the network outage.

  • Collaborate

    IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams want instant, concise status reports without writing SQL queries or building new dashboards. Selector Analytics supports Natural Language Queries directly integrated into common messaging platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, providing a conversational chatbot experience. Selector’s AIOps solution infers natural language queries, finds the closest match, and can share query outputs and dashboards with larger workflows such as IT-service management ticketing, alerting, and automation tools.

Selector Analytics Provides Users with Maximum Flexibility

Unlike legacy network monitoring tools, Selector Analytics is containerized and can be installed in a public cloud, on-premise, or private cloud environment. Selector Analytics employs a next-generation, cloud-native architecture that is wholly dockerized and containerized and can reside anywhere. This flexibility benefits service providers and financial institutions who may not want to place sensitive operational data in the public cloud.

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Selector Analytics’ Scalable Architecture

Selector Analytics is designed to easily adapt to changing customer requirements. The service may be installed in a smaller customer environment with a small number of devices (e.g., less than 50) and require only limited computing power. The same Selector Analytics architecture also scales to accommodate thousands of devices and process very high volumes of data. This scalability provides maximum utility for fast-growing customers.

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Integration & Data Sources

Selector Analytics ingests data and integrates with a wide range of industry-leading platforms, tools, other data sources. These include:

An open-source distributed event streaming platform used for mission-critical applications.

A leading open-source monitoring solution.

A powerful, advanced open-source relational database.

A component set that can be composed into a fully-featured logging stack.

A scalable, flexible document database with advanced querying and indexing capabilities.

A time series platform for building real-time applications for analytics, IoT, and other services.

Splunk’s extensible data platform powers unified security, full-stack observability, and limitless custom applications.

Elastic provides an industry-leading tool suite for Application Performance Monitoring.

A modern log management solution with streaming observability.

An infrastructure resource modeling (IRM) application designed to empower network automation.

A leading tool suite for issue tracking and project management.

IT monitoring and management tools built for SysAdmins and network engineers.

Enterprise-class open source monitoring solution for network and application monitoring.

An advanced cloud-based Git repository hosting service.

A complete DevOps platform that brings development, operations, and security teams into a single application.

A software-intelligence monitoring platform that simplifies enterprise cloud complexity and accelerates digital transformation.

A leading observability platform for Dev and Ops teams collaboration.

A real-time operations platform that integrates machine data and human intelligence.

A cloud-based company that provides software as a service (SaaS) for technical management support.

A monitoring and management service that provides actionable insights for AWS and other resources.

Google’s suite of cloud computing services, including computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning.

Microsoft’s cloud platform incorporates more than 200 products and cloud services.

A Google protocol to manage network devices.

A networking protocol used for managing and monitoring network-connected devices.

A standard network-based logging protocol for message logging.

Alert messages sent from a remote SNMP-enabled device to a central collector.

An application programming interface (API) that allows for interaction with RESTful web services.

Integration with Collaboration Platforms

Selector Analytics helps customers monitor and troubleshoot their network, cloud, and application delivery through seamless collaboration on messaging platforms, and search-driven querying with a conversational user experience.

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Gain a Competitive Edge With Selector’s Zero-Touch AIOps Network Monitoring Managed Service

From delivering cost savings to slashing MTTR, Selector Analytics can transform the performance of your network — and your business.

  • Cut MTTR by up to 90% by gaining instant access to actionable root causes.
  • Lower anomaly detection and recovery times through the correlation of any data type.
  • Reduce OPEX by automating Tier-1 Support and eliminating legacy tools.
  • Eliminate the complexity and cost of traditional, single-domain monitoring systems.

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