Selector Featured in the 2024 Futuriom 50 Cloud Market Trend Report

Selector is proud to announce inclusion in The Futuriom 50 | Top Cloud Trends & Private Companies 2024 report. In this report, Futuriom—a premier research and analysis community focused on next-generation technologies—identifies the strongest private companies in emerging technologies in communications infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity. 

The 2024 Futuriom 50 marks the second year Futuriom included Selector for its ability to use AI and machine learning (ML) for observability across multi-domain data sources in multicloud environments. Read on to learn about the top insights from the Futuriom 50 report and what this recognition means for Selector.

2024 Futuriom 50: Insights on the Cloud Market’s Top Tech Startups 

The 2024 Futuriom 50 report sees a shift in cloud technology trends compared to those in 2023. Among them, Futuriom named Selector a key player for AI infrastructure and for cloud visibility and automation.

AI Infrastructure

Most notable is the upsurge of AI as organizations continue to pursue optimization solutions. In fact, AI and optimization go hand in hand. You must build an optimized infrastructure for AI, as well as build AI into your infrastructure to automate and optimize it. 

To accommodate this relationship, the cloud market is experiencing a rise in companies, like Selector, that help enable the full-stack transformation for generative AI. Selector uses AI/ML in its AIOps platform to create greater infrastructure insights beyond monitoring and to enable organizations to act on them. The contextual narrative empowers organizations to cut through the noise, understand what’s wrong and why, and shorten the mean-time to detect, identify, and resolve.

Cloud visibility and automation

Today’s IT operators and developers seek data collection to capture the big picture of their systems across multiple domains. Beyond visibility, they want observability to help them manage and automate their cloud infrastructures. 

Selector leverages AI/ML to provide unparalleled network and full-stack observability for hybrid and cloud environments. With Selector, organizations can aggregate multi-domain real-time data and metadata—essential fuel for AI. Then, Selector applies advanced AI techniques and ML algorithms to support features such as anomaly detection, event correlation, root cause analysis, and smart alerting. Plus, Selector integrates large language models and generative AI-driven natural language querying to provide status reports, recommendations, and automated remediation.

Convergence of previous trends

The other four trends highlighted in this report signal a convergence of previous trends with new ones. In the 2023 report, Futuriom highlighted trends for hybrid and multicloud management, edge/cloud convergence, and unified cloud security. Here’s a quick look at how they’ve changed over the past year:

  • Hybrid and multicloud infrastructure: As companies push to connect new infrastructures, they need tools to automate and integrate multicloud and hybrid platforms, creating a shift to infrastructure as code and platform engineering.
  • Edge cloud and data management convergence: Enterprises are turning their attention to the network edge for better access to their data, as well as greater application efficiency and performance. 
  • Cloud-cost management and FinOps: IT managers and CxOs have an increased focus on optimizing cloud spending and understanding cloud usage and complexity. 
  • Cloud security convergence: Security end users now want a suite of security services on a single platform versus the ability for multiple separate services to integrate and work together.

An Honor for Selector

Making the 2024 Futuriom 50 list is a tremendous achievement for the Selector team. It reflects their dedication to developing and delivering true full-stack observability on Selector’s AIOps platform.

Kevin Kamel, Selector’s Vice President of Product Management, commented, “After a couple of breakout years with significant momentum and growth, it’s an honor to be recognized in the Futuriom 50 for our AIOps network monitoring and analytics platform. Making this list two consecutive years is a testament to the value and impact our solution has in bringing AI, ML, and NLP (natural language processing) analytics to network observability across the enterprise.”

The Futuriom 50 report is funded by companies that license the report for distribution. Download your free copy to see which other companies made the list.

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