Deep Dive: How Selector Uses AI & ML to Turn Operational Data into Actionable Insights

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If you’ve ever wondered how Selector delivers contextualized updates and actionable alerts without manual configuration, this webinar is for you. Network Architect and Engineer Dave Siegel will welcome Selector’s Chief Data Scientist, Surya Nimmagadda, for a deep dive into the AI and ML techniques that drive Selector’s transformative features such as anomaly detection, event correlation, root-cause analysis, and Smart Alerting.

By attending this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insight into:

Core AI terms including the difference between model-driven and data-driven AI
How each of Selector’s features leverages AI and ML to detect anomalies, submit violations, and identify root cause
How GenAI in combination with our LLM-driven conversational AI, Selector Copilot, delivers crucial insights through natural language querying

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