Selector featured as a Top 20 Emerging Vendor for Managing IT Performance

Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ), a business technology research firm, announced the publishing of a new research report titled Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022. This report is based on the findings of DEJ’s recent state of the market study, 24 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2022, which included insights from more than 3,300 organizations. The twenty four key areas discovered in this research were used as evaluation criteria and the top 20 emerging vendors are identified based on their effectiveness in solving top challenges for user organizations and meeting their fast-changing requirements.

One of the key takeaways of this report is that business pressures created a need for innovative approaches for addressing both persistent challenges and a new set of management issues that cannot be effectively solved by legacy solutions.

Selector was recognized in this report as a leader in the following eight key areas:

  • Enabling unique customer experiences
  • Managing innovation
  • Impact of change
  • Focus on high-value work
  • Managing complexity
  • Modernizing IT Operations
  • Addressing performance incidents
  • Vendor selection

“Selector takes a data-centric approach to automation that shows a clear path to a problem solution but gives end-users the power and control to decide if they want to automate the remediation process,” said Bojan Simic, founder and chief analyst at DEJ and the report’s author. “Selector’s capabilities are well aligned with user requirements in categories such as automation as a key enabler to provide today’s enterprises with an easy-to-use analytics solution for greater scalability.”

Selector’s usable AIOps is an advanced analytics solution to provide instant, real-time actionable insights for managing multi-domain network and application infrastructures. Selector Analytics is designed to help speed problem identification, reduce MTTR, and reduce overall costs. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the Selector Analytics managed service performs three essential functions to enable today’s network, cloud, and application operators to deploy at scale.

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Source: Bojan Simic, Digital Enterprise Journal.

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