Selector Combines Generative AI and Native Monitoring Capabilities to Transform IT Operations

Industry’s first AIOps solution now features GenAI, full-stack monitoring and observability capabilities, ML driven root-cause analysis and integrated LLMs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 13, 2024 — Selector AI, the leading provider of network-aware AIOps, observability, and multi-domain analytics, today announced its Spring 2024 release. Innovations include a GenAI-powered network-oriented LLM, native full-stack monitoring capabilities, and event correlation with root cause analysis. 

The industry’s first and only unified monitoring, observability, and multi-domain AIOps platform – Selector, provides a single pane of glass with key functionality that historically required multiple tools.

With this release, Selector can not only act on top of existing tools, but can directly collect configuration, metric, event, and log telemetry with its native monitoring capabilities.

“Operations teams have long struggled with tool sprawl in their pursuit of actionable monitoring and observability,” said Kannan Kothandaraman, CEO at Selector. “Today’s release enables organizations to drive efficiency through tools consolidation while providing insights into the health and performance of their network and IT environments through Selector’s innovations in AI and ML.”

Key highlights of the new release include:

  1. Integrated GenAI: Leverage Selector Copilot to instantly access more meaningful incident summaries, assist with troubleshooting, and automate remediation.
  2. Monitoring and Observability: NetOps, DevOps, and SRE teams can now collect and analyze telemetry from the network up to their applications and everything in between.
  3. Root-Cause Analysis: An innovative causal approach identifies the root cause of an incident, fast-tracking the investigation and remediation of incidents.
  4. Digital Twin: With Selector, users can build and leverage digital representations of their network and IT infrastructure.
  5. GCP Marketplace: Selector is coming to the GCP marketplace in Q2, providing customers with frictionless software procurement, simplified vendor management, streamlined pricing, and the ability to burn down cloud commits.

“Gartner reports that, by 2027, more than 40% of operational activities will be performed using tools enhanced by GenAI, dramatically reducing the labor involved,” said Nitin Kumar, CTO at Selector.” Assistive troubleshooting, automated incident remediation, and incident summarization are key features that operations leaders have been demanding for years.”

About Selector AI

Selector AI empowers network, cloud, and application operators with data-centric multi-domain analytics, driving the transition to AI and ML-based operations intelligence. As the industry’s first network-aware operations intelligence platform, Selector Analytics converges network, applications, and IT system observability across heterogeneous data sources and provides actionable insights. Selector’s customer base includes Internet Service Providers (ISP), Media, Financial Institutions, Cloud Service Providers (CSP), and Retail. Founded in 2019, Selector is backed by Two Bear Capital, Atlantic Bridge, Sinewave Ventures, Comcast Ventures, and many key angel investors. Learn more at

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