Why Atlantic Bridge Invested in Selector

By Andrew Smyth, Partner at Atlantic Bridge

If you haven’t noticed, network operations teams are busier than ever, grappling with the increasing complexity of technology infrastructure. They’re dealing with an ever growing number of tools – most of which are siloed. While AI and machine learning have the potential to simplify operations, expertise in this area is scarce at the enterprise level. All of these challenges are intensifying against the backdrop of digital transformation initiatives, the migration to the cloud, and the continued and rapid proliferation of enterprise applications.

But when there are challenges, entrepreneurs create solutions. Enter Selector, a Silicon Valley based startup whose mission it is to empower network, cloud and application operators with operations intelligence.

When I learned about the company’s platform, Selector Analytics, I saw its ability to democratize AIOps for all enterprises and all teams – and was impressed by its strong customer engagement and maturity of customer relationships, despite being an early-stage startup yet to close on its first round of funding. I believe in the experienced team Selector has put together, including founders Kannan Kothandaraman and Nitin Kumar, as they have a terrific mix of networking, application and data science expertise, having held leadership positions at Juniper, Cisco, AWS and Nutanix. They’ve worked with hyperscalers on the very same problem, and saw first-hand the power and value of AIOps. With this knowledge and expertise, they’ve been able to create something truly usable and valuable – a network-aware operations intelligence platform that delivers on the promise of AIOps like no other vendor I’ve come across to date.

With this round, they’ll be investing in North American expansion and R&D, and bolstering its already strong leadership team – and we expect big things to happen for the company in short order.


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