ActualTech Media Interview with Kannan: Selector Leverages AIOps for Network and Application Observability

Silos—they’ve been the bane of IT admins for ages. And despite advances over the years, they continue to stubbornly hang around. This is a continuing problem, especially for network and application monitoring. “That’s the problem we set out to solve,” says Selector Co-Founder/CEO Kannan Kothandaraman in this episode of ActualTech Media’s Spotlight Series. Kothandaraman spoke with ATM Presenter and Analyst Scott Bekker about how his fully managed service takes the hassle out of bringing in and processing incoming data. Selector uses AI to do the labor-intensive and error-prone work of bringing in and analyzing organizational data from multiple streams, collating that data, and mining it for actionable insights, whether that’s locating a problem that’s crashed your network or finding out why an application is running so slow. Selector can do this no matter where your data is—on-premises, distributed or in the cloud. More information is available at

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