A real-time concierge for network observability

Intellyx, an industry analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation, recently published a brief on Selector’s solution. The brief highlights Selector Analytics’s ability to collect and correlate data from various sources to provide real-time insights to IT teams.

Selector AI offers a multi-layer network observability platform that collects telemetry data across multiple cloud network layers, and correlates improvement recommendations and incident alerts for operators through a natural language understanding chatbot service.

The firm has encapsulated data science and network operations expertise into machine learning models that feed its Selector Analytics engine from many sources of real-time network traffic data at each layer, from low-level intra-system networks to high-level orchestrators and cloud native service meshes.

The expert metrics and dashboards are useful, but cooler still is how even non-expert team members can interact with the NLU chat interface through simple alert links and asking questions in MS Teams, Slack or ServiceNow chat windows to discover and resolve difficult hybrid IT network issues.


Source: Jason English: Principal Analyst & CMO, Intellyx

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