Selector Copilot: Upcoming Feature Preview


Walk through a demo of network status, problem detection, and alerts using the Selector Copilot Chatbot.

Video length: 2:57


8 AM Monday Morning

Dave: What’s the status of the network?

Copilot: Here’s the status of the network over the last 5 minutes.

[nyc network is highlighted in yellow.]

Dave: Tell me more about the problem in nyc.

Copilot: I’ve isolated the problem to one of the members of the LAG bundle between an edge router and core switch.

Copilot: One of the interfaces is taking errors. Would you like me to bounce the interface?

Dave: Yes.

Copilot: Initiating ansible playbook: 

Bounce Interface interface et-0/0/3

. . . Success interface et-1.1.7

. . . Success

Monitoring for additional errors . . . . . . . . 

3 AM Wednesday

Selector: Alert: (12:01:01) Interface et-0/0/0 down

Alert: (12:01:01) Interface et-0/0/2 down

Alert: (12:01:01) Interface et-0/0/3 down

Alert: (12:01:02) Interface et-0/0/1 down

Alert: (12:01:04) Interface ae0 down

Alert: LAG: Crown Castle CC/589648 Failure

Dave: What is the cause of this?

Copilot: The displayed alerts are all related to the same incident. Please see the following correlation graph.

[Correlation graph is displayed.]

Copilot: Disconnection of all ports in a LAG bundle indicates a fiber cut or other severe provider outage. 

Copilot: Would you like me to open a ticket with the service provider?

Dave: Yes.

Copilot: Internal ticket #59687 in ServiceNow. AT&T ticket #BR2040493. Check your emails for details and updates.

6 PM Friday evening

Copilot: Alert: Optical transceiver installed in node34.sfo:et-3/0/7 will fail in approximately 10 days.

Dave: How do you know this?

Copilot: The temperature has increased over the past few days and is 30C hotter than other optical transceivers in this device, a condition that indicates a near-term failure.

Dave: What is the impact of this interface failing?

Copilot: The connection to “TRANSIT: Zayo” will go down.

Dave: Please schedule a P1 ticket to replace the faulty optical transceiver.

Copilot: P1 Remote Hands Dispatch: Ticket #98385 created in Jira.

Dave: Great. Now can you pour me a drink?

Copilot: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

This is not science fiction.

Accepting applications for beta testing today.

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