SelectorAIOps App for Slack


Selector Software monitors, analyzes and shares digital infrastructure performance using Slack and SelectorAIOps. Selector AI’s analytics and collaboration engine hides the complexity of heterogeneous infrastructure and tools. Our turn-key solution sits on top of disparate information sources to provide correlated real time insights about infrastructure performance. We present these insights in a unique collaborative manner between people, machines and applications acting in unison.

SelectorAIOps provides actionable multi-dimensional insights to network, cloud and application operators. It provides a query interface to monitor, and analyze events and trends. Users can keep their team updated on performance, issues and share plots to specific Slack channels. It provides these insights by ingesting metrics from multiple data sources, and doing analysis on historical metrics and real-time streaming metrics.


Step 1: Navigate to the Selector integrations dashboard to setup Slack integration:

https://<s2ap portal>/app/integrations



Step 2: Click on Slack integration logo to enable the workflow to add SelectorAIOps BOT to a given Slack workspace and a Slack channel.

  • Channel ID

Step 3: Invite SelectorAIOps BOT to the Slack channel via app mention



Step 4: Execute slash command on the channel to check SelectorAIOps’s response in the Slack channel

Step 5: To enable alerts to be notified on the Slack channel, Please navigate to the Selector Slack integration dashboard and click on “Enable for Alerts” next to the channel.

Step 6: To add additional channels from the same Slack workspace, Please navigate to the Selector Slack integration dashboard and click on “Add Channel”


Step 7: To connect SelectorAIOps Bot to a new Slack workspace, Please delete the current integration by clicking on “Delete Integration” and repeat steps 1-4 for a new Slack workspace.

Query service using Slack

Users can do following actions using the query service of SelectorAIOps:

  • Get a report of metrics over a period of time
  • Plot metrics as line graph, bar graph, stacked graph, honeycomb, event graph

A list of available commands:

  • /select [query] Query Selector Analytics
  • /select summon Display a modal to summon a dashboard/widget in Slack
  • /select summon [dashboard/widget name] Summon a dashboard/widget to Slack
  • /select help Help Options

Collaborate using Slack

  • Users can share and collaborate with other team members in a channel
  • Users can collaborate and explore data/metrics with SelectorAIOps


For support and questions, please contact us or send an email to