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Detecting and diagnosing the cause of outages can consume as much as 90% of your time during an outage. See how Selector AI takes the pain out of managing the performance, planning, and troubleshooting of your applications, networks, and cloud by giving you instant insights.

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Narrator: If you operate a multi-cloud infrastructure or managed service, delivering performance-sensitive applications, then you can be deluged by data, metrics, logs, alarms, coming from every direction. How can you navigate the maze of vendor proprietary dashboards, GUIs, and tools each in their own data silo? Your teams can be isolated, unable to collaborate and exchange observations on an issue and could be spending 90% of downtime detecting and diagnosing the cause of outages. 

Selector AI is a single platform that manages the performance, planning, and troubleshooting of your applications, networks, and cloud. With Selector AI’s cloud-native tooling and ranking system, you get a short list of factors responsible for an outage, so you can get to the root cause of outages faster and reduce mean time to repair by up to 90%. 

Selector AI ingests data from all your sources, handling raw information from any vendor in any format—physical or virtual. Machine learning eliminates manual configurations, and common data sources are pre-integrated. Data is automatically normalized, stored, filtered, correlated, and clustered. 

Selector AI adds automatic baseline bands for tens of thousands of metrics and KPIs. It monitors every metrics behavior and sends alerts for an anomaly or an outlier. With automatic alert notification, the user is presented with a list of related metrics and labels. 

Here’s an example:

[text in video example]

  1. Paul queries Selector AI to get more info on the Chicago DC.
  2. Selector AI acknowledges Paul’s request and responds back to Paul with a contextual summary dashboard pertinent to Chicago.
  3. Selector AI fires an alert for Chicago to the channel. 
  4. Clicking on the link takes the user to the Selector AI Portal.
  5. Paul seamlessly transitions to the Selector AI Portal to continue the workflow started in Slack.

Instant insights are provided using natural language queries that are directly integrated into your existing collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Selector AI can be deployed in three different modes: public, private, and in your cloud VPCs.

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