Operations teams are struggling to achieve their KPIs because it takes too long to triage outages and performance problems.

The main reasons are too many siloed tools that require manual correlation, and lack of collaboration. Selector’s Usable AIOps is the first analytics solution to provide instant actionable insights to manage multi-domain network and application infrastructure.

The Selector Network Health Solution

The Selector Network Health solution is a fundamentally different and new solution that connects the dots across any data type or source to rapidly isolate any existing abnormal network conditions and ranks incidents so operations teams can quickly focus triage efforts for rapid restoration.

Network Observability

Observability is used to mean everything from receiving alerts to automating remediation. Selector defines observability as a new generation of insight that is created by correlating information from multiple data sources and data types. For example:

  • BGP log messages with availability and performance metrics
  • Configuration changes with abnormal conditions
  • Synthetic testing data with abnormal conditions


The power of the Selector Analytics architecture is the ability to easily evolve by ingesting and analyzing any data, and rapidly generating actionable insights.

Noise Elimination

Operations teams are buried under a mountain of inaccurate alarms and status indicators.

The reasons for this are many, including how legacy approaches to network health create and maintain thresholds. This is either manual, creating significant overhead for the operations team, or based on noise generating heuristics.

A new approach is taken by the Selector Network Health solution. Machine learning is used to create a prediction of what a threshold should be set to, and when that prediction is not realized, then alerts are created. Selector customers are finding this provides a much clearer view of actual network health.


Service Restoration & Remediation

When abnormal conditions arise, operations teams have two main directions to pursue:

Rapid anomaly detection and triage is critical, regardless of whether service is restored with or without first doing root cause remediation. Focus operations teams on the most important and impactful issues dramatically reduces the time to service restoration.

In either service restoration or remediation, Selector Analytics can invoke an automation webhook, execute its own automation playbook, or an operator can initiate an action from the portal.

  • Service Restoration

    Service Restoration

    They can accept there is an anomaly that will not quickly be resolved and work around the problem

  • Remediation


    They can attempt to correct the cause of the problem, either after or during service restoration

The Selector Network Health solution dramatically reduces MTTI, MTTD, and MTTR.

Overall network health is easily viewed, a new more powerful approach to anomaly detection is combined with ranking to focus operations teams, and automation can be achieved through manual command, webhook, or integrated playbook.

  • Collect from Various Data Sources

    Collect from Various Data Sources

    Ingest variety of data sources in various formats

  • Correlate Metrics & Events

    Correlate Metrics & Events

    Machine Learning based data analytics for automated anomaly detection

  • Collaborate Across Boundaries

    Collaborate Across Boundaries

    Instant actionable insights on collaborative platforms using Natural Language Queries (NLQ)

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    24×7 Product support

  • Low-Code Analytics

    Low-Code Analytics

    A fully interactive web portal with on-demand dashboards

  • Cloud-Native Deployment

    Cloud-Native Deployment

    Selector AI can be deployed in three possible modes – public, private, and cloud VPCs

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